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HCG Injections for weight loss

Most people have probably heard of the HCG Diet. It’s a diet that involves injecting the HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin into the body. HCG is a hormone that women make when they are pregnant. Many people on this diet follow a 500-calorie diet while taking daily injections. It was a huge fad in 2012 and its popularity has continued. But what exactly happens when you take these injections, and are they effective?

How the Diet Works


The HCG diet is thought to give very dramatic results. Claims have been make that a person can lose up to a pound a day on this diet. The diet had some strange guidelines that needed to be followed for results.


Some of which include: consuming only one vegetable per meal, no body lotions or hygiene products, and no exercise.


You take the HCG hormone injections daily for a certain number of days and it is supposed to help you lose weight. This was the standard method for the diet, however there are some variations of the diet that many follow.


Why the Diet Works


According to some research, HCG doesn’t necessarily make you lose weight, the diet you follow while taking the injections is what makes you lose weight. However, HCG does change the way you lose weight. People who use the HCG injections claim they have reduced feelings of hunger. It is thought that the presence of the hormone in the bloodstream makes you less hungry.


This hormone is what often causes nausea in the first trimester. t is known as a pro-hormone that helps the body make more of other hormones. This injection can also help with any thyroid or menopause related weight issues.


HCG has to be taken through injections for it work. While there are drops, pills, and sprays, they are mostly ineffective because of the rate they are dissolved. The hormone has to be introduced into the bloodstream in order for it to work.


HCG also helps you to retain your muscle mass while you diet. Like stated before, HCG elevates other hormones in the body as well. This includes testosterone. This helps to keep the body in the muscle-building state. Usually during dramatic weight loss, muscle mass is lost because the body will burn up muscle before fat. This is good for the scale, however it could worsen a person’s overall physique.


There is still some controversy around it, but it has been proven to be an effective weight loss treatment when taken correctly Whether or not it’s the best way, it is one way to lose dramatic amounts of weight.