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HCG diet- Instructions to follow on your HCG diet plan

If you are ready to lose some of your fat through the HCG diet plan, it is simple and easy to get started. The HCG diet menu helps you to efficiently melt off pounds.

When you follow the diet, it is critical to keep your calorie count below 500. At the beginning weight loss takes a couple of days but then the desired results begin to appear.

The HCG diet is a low-calorie diet plan. It requires a high level of hydration, moderate amounts of carbohydrates and protein and little fat. On this diet plan you are free to drink any liquids like herbal tea, coffee and non-carbonated drinks. It is also recommended that you drink water with fresh lemon juice in the morning. This will energize you and flush out unwanted fat in the morning.

If after consuming liquid in the morning you are still hungry you can consume any of the items from the lunch menu. It is important to consider when doing this that you must adjust the food allotment for the day. Make sure to keep a gap between every meal of 2-3 hours.

To ensure weight loss success you follow the tips above. To ensure you are following the menu you should check the HCG injections diet food menu twice and select each item from the category.

Points to consider for the HCG diet plan

If you need little variety in your diet plan add natural flavors and ingredients, and avoid the artificial sweeteners. Below are some useful things to consider when following the HCG diet;

  •     Make sure to plan your meals at the right time. This will ensure you do not feel very hungry and overeat.
  •     The most important factor to consider in this diet program is cutting back the fat and avoid oil based products.
  •     You should also learn about how to prepare five minute meals. Faster food prep will help you to stay on target.
  •     In order to increase the flavor, you can add lots of spices like; pepper, garlic, sea salt, basil or soy sauce.
  •     You should also avoid using oil based skin care or cosmetics and make sure to use the cosmetics that are allowed on this program.
  •     Once you complete the first phase of HCG weight loss diet menu, you have to be sure to follow the maintenance phase to ensure you don’t regain.

HCG approved foods

When you follow the HCG diet food plan, make sure to consume only the approved food items on the list. However, this HCG diet protocol is very limiting and allows you to lose weight off effectively.